NBA franchises see marginal dip in valuation during 2020/21 season

Project Management Consultant company Sportco has released Annual Franchise Valuation Report of all 30 franchises of the National Basketball Association (NBA) league. As per the report, the collective fair-market value of league’s 30 franchises is more than $71 Billion and an average value of an NBA team is worth nearly $2.4 Billion in 2020/21.

The report compiled the data and stated the collective fair-market value of each franchise, the value was based on the net of ownership’s stakes in real estate, regional sports networks, and the additional team-related holdings.

The 2020-21 season was hugely disrupted due to the coronavirus outburst but the pandemic has only decreased the collective fair-market data of a franchise by two percent. Three of the franchises have earned more than $5 Billion in total value, giving the sport a much needed monetary lift. Considering NBA completing the campaign under bio bubbles, the broadcast viewership has added more value to the teams.

Since all industries have suffered financially during the pandemic, the sponsorship deals might take a hit in the next year’s report. However, the brand values of this teams remain significant, so they are likely to still find a way to swell their values.

New York Knicks have topped the list with the total value at $ 5.42 Billion. One fifth of Knicks’ value has been contributed by team-related businesses and real estate, while the remainder amount was due to Knicks’ team value. Knicks were followed up by the Golden State Warriors with a total value of $ 5.21 Billion, while defending NBA champions the Los Angeles Lakers were third with $ 5.14 Billion.

Here’s the rank-order listing of all the 30 NBA franchises, as per the fair-market value


 New York Knicks$5.42 billion
 Golden State Warriors$5.21 billion
 Los Angeles Lakers$5.14 billion
 Brooklyn Nets$3.40 billion
 Boston Celtics$3.18 billion
 Chicago Bulls$3.14 billion
 Houston Rockets$2.77 billion
 Los Angeles Clippers$2.63 billion
 Dallas Mavericks$2.58 billion
 Toronto Raptors$2.55 billion
 Philadelphia 76ers$2.50 billion
 Miami Heat$2.38 billion
 San Antonio Spurs$2.05 billion
 Washington Wizards$2.05 billion
 Portland Trail Blazers$1.91 billion
 Milwaukee Bucks$1.86 billion
 Sacramento Kings$1.84 billion
 Denver Nuggets$1.77 billion
 Cleveland Cavaliers$1.74 billion
 Detroit Pistons$1.74 billion
 Utah Jazz$1.71 billion
 Oklahoma City Thunder$1.66 billion
 Phoenix Suns$1.64 billion
 Indiana Pacers$1.55 billion
 Atlanta Hawks$1.54 billion
 Orlando Magic$1.53 billion
 Charlotte Hornets$1.51 billion
 Minnesota Timberwolves$1.43 billion
 Memphis Grizzlies$1.36 billion
 New Orleans Pelicans$1.35 billion

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