Mumbai City FC, Fast&Up ink sponsorship deal

Mumbai City FC symbolises Mumbai's fierce, relentless, and unwavering enthusiasm, much like Fast&Up, a company that echoes the same philosophy.

The Indian Super League (ISL) outfit, Mumbai City FC (MCFC) have inked a new sponsorship association with India’s leading sports & active nutrition company, Fast&Up. Following this deal, the brand will be labelled as the club’s official nutrition partner until the conclusion of the 2022-23 season.

Fast&Up is the topmost supplier in the Indian sports and active nutrition market. The company has redefined intelligent nutrition and nutraceuticals since its initial launch in 2015.

Mumbai City FC, as a club, symbolises Mumbai’s fierce, relentless, and unwavering enthusiasm, much like Fast&Up, a company that echoes the same philosophy. With this strategic alliance, the club will also see the comeback of the Islanders to Mumbai, as well as the return of the enthusiastic Mumbai City FC fans to the Mumbai Football Arena after a two-year absence.

Kandarp Chandra, CEO, Mumbai City FC, said, “We are happy to welcome back Fast&Up as our Official Nutrition Partner for what is going to be a very important football season for us at Mumbai City FC. As a brand, Fast&Up promote a healthy and active lifestyle and share our club’s core values. At Mumbai City FC, we have always believed in representing the spirit of our great city and by partnering with Mumbai’s very own organisations, we want to promote the holistic development of Mumbai through the power of sports.

“Our partnership with Fast&Up back in 2020-21 saw us lift the ISL Shield & Trophy and we hope our renewed partnership can help us emulate the same success along with them this year.”

Vijayaraghavan Venugopal, CEO & Co-Founder Fast&Up, said,“Fast&Up is proud to associate with Mumbai City FC for yet another season of ISL, one of the country’s most celebrated platforms for football enthusiasts. Mumbai City FC is a tough team that’s been in the headlines for its outstanding performance with dynamic, world-class talents as a part of the team.

“As a homegrown brand, Fast&Up has also been compassionate about providing world-class quality nutrition to our consumers and we are proud to provide it to the team who literally swear by our products.”

Recently, the club also announced a multi-year deal with the online sports news portal, Stake News as the principal sponsor.

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