MS Dhoni, Ziva features in new Oreo ad campaign

The two embark on a fun adventure through the alphabet embossed cookies.

Oreo, a cookie brand owned by Mondelez, has launched the #SayItWithOreo campaign. With the introduction of alphabet embossed, scannable cookies, the brand hopes to encourage family playtime by nudging them to scan, play, and repeat.

This communication is brought to life by the father-daughter duo of the former Indian captain, MS Dhoni and his daughter Ziva Dhoni. The two embark on a fun adventure through the alphabet embossed cookies.

A novel tech module that gamifies the experience that allows children to play unique games curated by experts on a specially designed microsite, reinforces the playtime even further.

Sunainika Singh, head – biscuits, marketing, Mondelez India revealed that the brief shared with the agency mainly focused on leveraging the sentiment of ‘play’ between parents and children. “This led to the TVC with Dhoni and Ziva, wherein they are seen using the cookies to spell some fun words (whether they mean anything or not) and unlocking some fun play together. Taking a step further, we tech-enabled our alphabet cookies, smartening them up, to unlock new zones of play that can be accessed on our microsite,” she added.

The campaign’s goal is to encourage children’s creativity while also encouraging parents to support their quirks.

With their bond and playful chemistry, Dhoni and Ziva, according to Singh, embody the Oreo fun vibe. She said, “They make for the perfect ambassadors to bring this message alive. By capturing their candid moments on reel, our audiences will be inspired to join the bandwagon – take some time off, indulge in play and create lasting memories with each other.”

The campaign’s digital vs traditional spending remain balanced, with a special emphasis on collaborations with OTT shows, particularly those catering to the regional ecosystem, to extend its reach to every corner of the country.

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