MS Dhoni features in Indian Terrain’s new clothing campaign

Indian Terrian is well-known for its ethical practices and sustainable fashion.

The Indian high street fashion brand for men, Indian Terrain has launched a new collection under its fashion segment. The former Indian cricketer, Mahendra Singh Dhoni will register his first-ever green fashion endorsement following his collaboration with the clothing brand. The Chennai Super Kings skipper will be featured in the campaign, he will be seen sporting a range of sleek, casual and well-fitted clothing, which is manufactured by the brand.

The brand that is well-known for its sustainable fashion and ethical practices has been propagating among consumers about the under-developed sustainable farming practices and the impact on the environment following its purchase. Indian Terrian ranges from trousers to shirts, t-shirts, the brand new line-up has something for every man

Indian Terrain Fashions Limited Managing Director Charath Narsimhan said: “We are happy to be further strengthening our commitment towards becoming India’s first retail fashion brand that offers sustainable clothing options for consumers who are moving towards green fashion. To have a personality like MS Dhoni as the face of the campaign is indeed a reassuring movement as we are confident that more consumers will become mindful of their buying decisions and its impact on the environment. With the addition of a new line-up, our sustainable portfolio will witness an increase in not just product range and reach but also in adoption right before the festive season. We are sure that with MS Dhoni onboard our sustainable collection will pick up the pace and contribute nearly 15% of the festive season sale this year.”

We have joined forces with FairTrade India to create an exclusive sustainable fashion line that helps protect the environment, as well as to empower FairTrade farmers, reaffirming our brand’s 20-year commitment to providing the best-in-class quality garments to customers while also giving Indian them sustainable fashion options and informing them about the raw materials and the process that goes behind their purchases with us. We are happy to have MS Dhoni on board for this campaign, and have someone of his stature help us magnify what we believe in and stand for,” he added.

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