MLS extends sponsorship deal with JLab Audio

Major League of Soccer has agreed to terms to extend the sponsorship deal with JLab Audio. This deal will make JLab Audio the official and audio partner of the football league in the United States of America. The statement released by MLS didn’t reveal the length of the contract between the two organisations.

Along with partnering for real-time games, JLab Audio will also work for eMLS where teams participate in online FIFA competition. The audio company is likely to get exposure in all competitions of MLS and the domestic cup games in the country.

JLab will also be promoted in MLS studio events. It will also be promoted on the digital and social media platforms of MLS. All clubs and players participating in MLS are also likely to promote JLab throughout the season.

MLS still remains a step behind the European football leagues. Some of the best players in the world do play in MLS but during the twilight years of their careers. However, the Soccer League has managed to become a platform for young players to show their talent in the USA and eventually get a big move to Europe.

The introduction of David Beckham’s team Inter Miami CF is likely to boost the commercial image of MLS. The former English footballer is one of the biggest stars in the world despite retiring from the game a long time ago. MLS will hope that Beckham as the owner of a team will provide the commercial boost like he did during his playing days with LA Galaxy.

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