MLB, Sorare join hands to make NFT fantasy game

Sorare will become MLB's exclusive NFT ball game associate.

Major League Baseball (MLB) has established a collaboration with Sorare, an NFT gaming company, to create an NFT-based fantasy-type game at the end of this year or somewhere mid-year.

Sorare will become MLB’s exclusive NFT ball game associate, allowing fans to buy, trade, and collect NFTs of MLB players while playing fantasy games. It won’t be just a draft-style game like prior fantasy games. Groups will be formed using the NFT cards that each fan receives.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred stated, “The relationships we work with our fans are critical, and Sorare understands the importance of that link.

“The organization’s focus on transforming being a fan via a unique combination of sports, innovation, and gaming to enable fans to claim a piece of the game they love is remarkable and transcends across borders – – allowing us to bring the devotion for baseball to new fans worldwide.”

Sorare has also created similar games for football leagues including the Bundesliga, Copa America, and Major League Soccer (MLS), with a range of rewards for fans in the form of NFTs.

MLB was intrigued by Sorare foundation’s 1.8 million registered clients scattered over 184 nations. It opens up the possibility of reaching out to a population that baseball hasn’t previously had access to.

Sorare has seen a 32 per cent rise in dynamic customer development month over month and has handled over $325 million in deals in 2021. Some of that success was built on 247 football teams, and it is being extended by incorporating MLB teams.

Tony Clark, President of the Major League Baseball Players Association, said, “Sorare has created another baseball gaming experience that will energize fans around accumulating players’ NFTs, developing winning settings, and competing against baseball fans from all around the world.

“We are excited about our organization and the influence Sorare’s first debut to North American gaming will have on the global development of our game.”

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