Maxivision unveils “Visionary Moments with Maxivision” campaign featuring MS Dhoni

This campaign "Visionary Moments with Maxivision" is aimed at raising awareness about the importance of eye health while showcasing Maxivision's advanced services.

Maxivision Super Specialty Eye Hospitals, a leading eye care provider, has launched a new television commercial (TVC) campaign titled “Visionary Moments with Maxivision.”

The campaign featured the former Indian cricket team captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a highly recognisable figure in Indian households.

This two-part campaign is aimed at raising awareness about the importance of eye health while showcasing Maxivision’s advanced services. The commercials go beyond just promoting procedures; they capture the transformative power of clear vision and the positive impact it has on people’s lives.

VS Sudheer, Group Chief Executive Officer of Maxivision, emphasised the significance of eye care, stating, “Eyes are one of the most crucial human organs, and prioritising their care is imperative.” He highlighted Maxivision’s commitment to introducing cutting-edge technology for cataract removal and LASIK procedures, ensuring optimal vision for patients. Sudheer stressed the importance of awareness, underscoring how the TVC is instrumental in raising awareness, reaching diverse audiences, and reinforcing Maxivision’s commitment to quality eye care, fostering trust and encouraging action.”

Speaking about his association with the hospital, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Brand Ambassador, Maxivision Super Speciality Eye Hospitals, said, “As the brand ambassador for Maxivision Super Speciality Eye Hospitals, I am thrilled to be a part of the ‘Visionary Moments with Maxivision’ campaign. This initiative is not just about promoting services; it’s about celebrating the power of vision and the transformative impact of eye care. Through captivating we aim to inspire confidence in the effectiveness of cataract and LASIK surgeries offered by Maxivision. Let’s prioritize our vision health and embrace a brighter, clearer future together with Maxivision.”

To maximise reach, the TVC campaign is aired across various platforms in five languages, including television, digital channels, and social media. By leveraging Dhoni’s widespread popularity and relatable personality, Maxivision aims to connect with a diverse audience and reinforce its commitment to delivering quality eye care.

Maxivision Super Specialty Eye Hospitals is a well-regarded chain in India known for its commitment to eye care. Founded in 1996 by Dr. Kasu Prasad Reddy, a renowned ophthalmologist, the hospital chain offers comprehensive eye services with a focus on accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, and personalised care.

MSD is a familiar face in advertising campaigns, recently appearing for brands like Citroen India, EMotoradEmcure Pharmaceuticals, Swaraj Tractors, AMFIOrient Electric, Cleartrip, Eurogrip Tyres, and Etihad Airways.

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