Mashreq Bank joins hands with Galaxy Racer

The two firms will work together to organise a number of local tournaments.

The oldest privately-held financial institution in the United Arab Emirates, Mashreq Bank, has joined forces alongside Middle Eastern esports and gaming enterprise, Galaxy Racer.

This is the first time Mashreq has collaborated with an esports organisation.

The one-year association would be pretty much entirely concentrated on a content miniseries and a variety of Mashreq-sponsored video game competitions in the area. All of Galaxy Racer’s squad shirts would also feature the Mashreq insignia.

Additionally, it is the first of its kind where a financial institution and a gaming company have collaborated in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) province. Mashreq claims that the relationship resulted from a desire to “reach to the next generation” through the development of technological activations.

The two firms will work together to organise a number of local tournaments as the second component of the partnership. The Neo NXT Rocket League Championship, which bears the name of Mashreq’s online banking trademark, Neo NXT, is the first competition in the series.

Mashreq’s Group CEO, Ahmed Abdelaal, remarked, “Esports is witnessing incredible growth across the Middle East, which is helping to drive the region’s gaming industry to the multi-billion dollar sector it has become today.

“Our innovative, digital-focused Neo NXT proposition targeting the SMART teens (12-18) resonates with the gaming community, positioned for internet savvy connected generation, to suit their lifestyle on the go.”

Galaxy Racer has gained popularity both domestically and overseas. The corporation has ventured to the United States through its HER Galaxy trademark and invested $25 million into the cryptocurrency business QUINT. The initial professional esports championship in Pakistan is sponsored by Galaxy Racer, which has also established a new regional headquarters in Southeast Asia.

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