Malcolm Jenkins buys a minority stake in Burnley

On the field, this season hasn't started on a good note for Burnley.

Malcolm Jenkins of New Orleans Saints has recently purchased a minority share in the Premier League club Burnley. The deal came as an extension of the ongoing trend of the American investment in the Premier League.

Jenkins looked excited as he finished off the deal. In an announcement, he stated, “I’m excited to enter this new relationship, as Burnley is known for its tenacity, work ethic, good sportsmanship and efficient operational infrastructure. It’s a great fit for me personally and my company to invest in the growth of the sport alongside a historic organization that aligns with our company values. One of my purposes in doing this investment is I want athletes to see that we don’t have to just be athletes and laborers. We can actually be in the ownership seat, and we need to begin to think of ourselves in that mindset the more we see that, then the people, the kids who look up to us because we’re athletes and what we can do can also look at us as examples of being in ownership and being business people and doing investments outside of our sport. I think that’s important for us not only as athletes but role models to show those examples that you don’t have to just be on the field in order to engage in sports, that we can have a stake in ownership and what we’re doing. The lessons that I’m learning, I’m sharing with my peers, other athletes and entertainers to be able to join me or to learn how to do it themselves and build their own generational wealth. But then also you have to build up the next generation.”

On the field, this season hasn’t started on a good note for Burnley. They are currently at the 18th position in the Premier League Table. But since 2016, the club hasn’t faced relegation up until now. Burnley will be facing Brentford next in the English top-flight on Saturday, October 30 at 7:30 PM IST. 

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