Mainz 05 extend sponsorship agreement with Profine

Profine will continue to have its Kömmerling brand on the front of Mainz's jersey for a further three seasons.

The Bundesliga club, Mainz 05 have announced an extension with the windows and doors manufacturer, Profine. Following this deal, the brand will continue to serve as the team’s official shirt sponsor.

According to the agreement negotiated by the Infront Agency, Profine will continue to have its Kömmerling brand on the front of Mainz’s jersey for a further three seasons, until the end of the 2026–27 edition.

The agreement, which was most recently extended in November 2021, has also been increased to include naming rights beginning with the 2023–24 season for the Kömmerling-Tribune at the Mewa Arena.

Stefan Hofmann, Chairman of Mainz 05, said, “Profine has not only stood by our side in moments of success, but also in challenging sporting times and during the global Coronavirus crisis. It has proven to be a loyal, friendly and reliable partner for our 05ER. We are incredibly proud that one of the largest employers in Rheinland-Pfalz, and at the same time one of the most successful global players in its area, has once again decided to prematurely extend its cooperation with us. This shows a close bond, a firm common basis of values, deep roots in our home state and a particularly high level of trust in one another.”

Since 2015, Mainz’s uniforms have included the Kömmerling logo, and Profine has been affiliated with the team since 2014. The TSV Schott Mainz women’s squad, which will be a part of Mainz 05 in the summer, has had Kömmerling as its jersey sponsor since last year.

Peter Mrosik, Managing Partner of Profine, said, “Our lived brand partnership is a success story with great popularity across our markets. The charisma of our long-standing partner Mainz 05 provides an excellent basis for continuing to position Kömmerling authentically as a sustainable premium window brand.”

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