LOOT.BET partners up with will supply LOOT.BET with its esports statistics feed as a part of the collaboration.

React Gaming Group, which is the parent company of the esports wagering portal, LOOT.BET, unveiled a joint venture alongside esports statistics provider,

Following the development, will supply LOOT.BET with its esports statistics feed. Additionally, the entity would try to assist React in expanding its businesses globally.

React Gaming also revealed that it has accepted Marc Brassard’s departure as its Director. Although specifics have not been made public, the corporation said that Brassard left to explore new opportunities.

The agreement aims to improve the capabilities and functions of React Gaming’s online betting platform, according to Leigh Hughes, CEO of React Gaming. As a result, the network would be able to increase audience participation and topline effectiveness.

React Gaming Group, formerly Intema Solutions, paid $14.75m (£10.97m) for LOOT.BET in January 2022. After making the transaction, React entered into a white-label partnership with HHRP Inc, to run LOOT.BET in Southeast Asian country.

Agreements with companies like Betway and Duelbits among others, also had a successful year. The company also revealed its takeover of the marketing business, Thousand Lives.

Co-founder and Managing Director of, Marek Suchar, said, “LOOT.BET is one of the most established global esports brands and one of the premier platforms in the esports betting space.

“This partnership confirms that is moving in the right direction and that the quality of our solution is second to none. We are extremely excited to provide a solution that will certainly help improve LOOT.BET’s trading performance and uptime in the long run.”

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