Liverpool signs global partnership deal with Sonos

The upcoming season of Premier League starts from 14th August and will see Liverpool face off against Norwich City

English Premier League side Liverpool FC announced its global partnership deal with the American developer and manufacturer of audio products Sonos. 

The deal will see Sonos become the official sound partner of Liverpool FC, founded in 2002 Sonos, will be looking to enhance the fan experience inside Anfield amplifying the sound experience in the main stand of the stadium. 

Matt Scammell, Liverpool’s commercial director said, “There’s a clear harmony between LFC and Sonos, we both share a great passion for the soundtrack of our experiences. Sound is what makes Anfield such a special place, when our supporters get behind the team the 12th man creates game-changing sound, something we can’t wait to hear again this season. We’re really looking forward to working with Sonos to connect our supporters around the world to the sound of Anfield.” 

The upcoming season of Premier League starts from 14th August and will see Liverpool face off against Norwich City away from home, keeping the fans excited throughout the season. The Premier League season of 2021/22 will see Manchester City try to defend its Premier League title as they finished in first place in the previous season with 86 points in 38 games. 

Liverpool, who won the 2019/20 Premier League will be looking to reclaim its title under the guidance of Jurgen Klopp. 

Following the deal between Sonos and Liverpool, Pete Pederson, VP of Marketing at Sonos said, “Sound has always been an essential part of sports – it breathes energy into every game, whether it’s the music players listen to while getting hyped for a match, the vibrating chants from fans in the stands, or recreating a stadium experience at home. We sought a team – and fanbase – that shares our passion for sound. Thanks to the electric atmosphere at Anfield and the city’s deep heritage in music, Liverpool FC became the perfect match.” 

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