Liverpool collaborates with SC Johnson to encourage sustainability

SC Johnson is to be named as Liverpool’s cleaning and disinfectant partner.

The top-flight Premier League club Liverpool has inked a multi-year contract with the US-household cleaning company SC Johnson.

The agreement between both sides is named ‘Goals for Change’ and it will try to focus on spreading the awareness about sustainability, health, and opportunity by giving SC Johnson admittance to the top-flight English soccer club’s men’s and women’s teams.

It has been noted that SC Johnson will be considered as Liverpool’s official cleaning and disinfectant partner. Various sanitizing and hand soap products will be provided by the company and will be made available at Anfield and other club facilities.

In this initiative, SC Johnson will work with Liverpool to execute an upcycling Programme at Anfield and other club facilities, through which single-use plastics will be reused for the organisation’s consumer products.

A goal has been set by both parties to turn over 500,000 plastic bottles into new Mr Muscle packaging throughout the 2021/22 season.

In January, Liverpool had launched ‘The Red Way’ sustainability initiative, the club claims that it will align with the new partnership.

Plastic waste is a threat to our planet for this and future generations”, said Fisk Johnson, chairman, and chief executive of SC Johnson.

At SC Johnson, we believe we all have a responsibility to solve this critical environmental issue. Our partnership with Liverpool FC is one of the many steps SC Johnson is taking to move forward our vision for a waste-free world as it creates another local solution to this global problem by leveraging football to help close the plastic-recycling loop.”

Matt Scammell, Liverpool’s commercial director, added: “SC Johnson has made important step changes within their industry which have delivered incredible results through several sustainability initiatives.”

I feel very optimistic about the work we can do together through this partnership, both raising awareness and looking after the safety of our supporters and ultimately using our voices for good to help the next generation of Reds all around the world.”

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