Lionel Messi’s exit puts FC Barcelona in severe financial crisis

Lionel Messi has agreed to join the French giants Paris Saint-Germain on a two-year deal.

After a successful stint of 21 years at F.C. Barcelona, Lionel Messi has agreed to join the French giants Paris Saint-Germain on a two-year deal. The Argentine’s departure from the La Liga side is set to take away a lot of the pitch for the club and the league as well.

The Catalan side is said to suffer a lot financially and has already lost 11% of its valuation after Messi left Barcelona to join PSG.

According to a report in Brand Finance, FC Barcelona’s brand valuation is set to decrease by a staggering 11 per cent following Messi’s departure from the Catalan side. It is expected that Barca could lose nearly 137 million euros in terms of its brand value.

FC Barcelona is already in €1,173 million in debt and is exceeding the salary cap of La Liga. The hardships would be further increased as the Catalan side is bound to lose a massive cash influx in commercial revenue without Messi.

Being the face of La Liga for many years now, Messi’s departure is sure to hit the market value of the Spanish league as well. Messi attracts massive viewership from all over the world and many people support Barcelona just to watch the 34-year-old play and his exit from the competition would highly affect the viewership of the league.

Lionel Messi will be joining the French giant PSG on a two-year contract with an option to extend by a year as well. He is set to receive £25 million per year as wages from PSG.

He will be seen bringing a lot of commercial revenue with him to the new club. The PSG club shop sold Messi shirts in just 30 minutes of the kit launch as a gigantic queue weaved through the French capital.

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