Langoor joins Power League Gaming as a digital transformation agency partner

Langoor would be in charge of creating cutting-edge and interactive virtual experiences.

Langoor, a Bangalore-based digital marketing firm, has been chosen by Power League Gaming, a gaming and esports organization with extensive offerings, as its new online, creative, and analytical agency associate.

To assist the top creative gaming, content, and esports engagement firm in the MENA (Middle East and Northern Africa) region to touch new gaming communities, Langoor would be in charge of creating cutting-edge and interactive virtual experiences.

By proactively training new talent and offering them professional chances in the MENA area through a variety of means, including EMU (Esports and Media University), which is a part of PLG’s network of education firms, Power League Gaming aims to enhance the Arabic gaming and esports industry.

The highest concentrations of new technology use, mobile coverage, and demographic identification as gamers are seen in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. In Saudi Arabia, 67% of the inhabitants frequently play video games, compared to over 65 per cent of the UAE citizens who classify as gamers (four times per week or more).

Power League Gaming’s CEO, Matthew Pickering, revealed, “For the past decade, PLG and its teams have shaped the gaming and esports sector in the MENA region. We have consistently produced ground-breaking, disruptive mechanics that successfully connect global brands with gaming audiences. We are thrilled to welcome Langoor as our new digital transformation agency. Together, we look forward to building and designing engaging content platforms and developing the region’s next generation of gaming and content leaders.”

Langoor’s Co-Founder and CEO, Venugopal Ganganna, remarked, “The Middle East is the fastest-growing market for gaming in the world. Not only does the region have an amazing gaming community but it also generates the highest gaming revenue per user. With the advent of Web3 and Meta, and the regions’ ability to adapt to these new emerging tech, we see players like PLG playing a supercritical role to innovate and grow the category. We are proud to partner with PLG on this exciting digital transformation journey and look forward to helping them reach gaming audiences across the MENA region and beyond.”

A team of inventive professionals make up the digital firm Langoor. Through the fusion of innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology, they assist enterprises in realizing their greatest potential. A comprehensive range of services is provided by their sizable squad of experts. The business creates web-based, cellular, and tablet apps through design, animations, content generation, and UX/UI. Through digital marketing, they assist these enterprises in expanding.

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