LaLiga partners up with TVM to enter metaverse

LaLiga hopes to expand further its digital ecosystem through this association.

LaLiga has appointed TVM of Korea as its official metaverse partner. The two will collaborate to establish an official digital environment that will engage fans and combine the Spanish soccer league’s other partners.

TVM’s blockchain-based ‘Triverse’ is marketed as a ‘metaverse for sports,’ in which various leagues and teams may construct interactive experiences, such as cities, for fans to explore, access material, and play mini-games.

According to the league, the Web 3.0 development will broaden its reach, particularly among younger demographics and foreign viewers, and represent a significant step in its own digital transition.

“A few years ago, we understood we needed to internationalize and start a digitization strategy to reach global audiences,” said Jorge de la Vega, Commercial and Marketing Director of LaLiga during a launch event to announce the partnership.

“We’ve been working on different environments, and we have a multi-disciplinary team at LaLiga to see how these commercial, legal, content and marketing to see how these new technologies could deliver new experiences and content.”

LaLiga’s platform will feature official club content such as news conferences, club announcements, match highlights, and player interviews. The incorporation of the organization’s partners will also result in more engagement possibilities and activations that will add value to the league’s commercial deals. In the coming years, live broadcasting may become a feature.

The initial deal is for two years with the option to extend, and it offers opportunities for individual clubs to participate and construct experiences on TVM’s platform.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are necessarily part of the equation, with fans earning prizes and experience points through consuming metaverse content and winning ‘valuable’ products and goods.

Josh Kim, Managing Director of TVM said, “The reward system will revolve around NFTs, as blockchain technology and NFTs go hand in hand. So, naturally, we will have our own trading platform for NFTs. Users will join as fans of a particular sports property and will have to devote time and energy to building their fan city. At some point, they will be able to see and compare how their fan city has performed compared to other club cities.”

LaLiga recently announced the development of their matchday jersey collection to incorporate in-game NFTs with GreenPark Sports.

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