LaLiga joins forces with Banijay Iberia to launch LaLiga Studios

LaLiga will make use of the production expertise and knowledge of Banijay Iberia to launch LaLiga Studios.

The Spanish football marquee league, LaLiga has collaborated with the entertainment content creation production house, Banijay Iberia. 

With this arrangement, LaLiga will make use of the production expertise and knowledge of the company to launch LaLiga Studios. 

LaLiga Studios will be set to create exclusive audio-visual content for LaLiga, clubs, sponsors, and broadcasters. The company will also collaborate with International platforms and brands to provide top-quality content.

Chalo Bonifacino Cooke has been named the Managing Director and Executive Producer of the LaLiga Studios.

Banijay Iberia is an entertainment content creation production house that has created some world-renowned television and Netflix shows such as the MasterChef, Big Brother, Temptation Island, Bosé, The Gypsy Bride, Heirs to the Land, and Hierro.

Pilar Blasco, CEO of Banijay Iberia said, “We are very proud to announce this partnership with LaLiga; a great generator of narratives around sport and its values. We are eager to use our experience in the production and creation of premium content to tell these stories, with the highest quality standards, so they become known all over the world.”

Óscar Mayo, Executive Director of LaLiga said, “We have ambitious plans for LaLiga Studios, including working with the best brands, so it was critical for us to have the perfect partner. Banijay Iberia’s track record of bringing premium quality viewing to the region, gives LaLiga Studios the best possible start.”

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