LALIGA ignites collaboration with LUFPRO in Uruguay 

The deal between LALIGA and LUFPRO will focus on promoting the development and professionalisation of football in Uruguay.

The Spanish top flight, LALIGA has forged a collaboration with the Uruguayan professional football competition, LUFPRO.

The deal between the two entities will focus on promoting the development and professionalisation of football in the South American nation.

With close cooperation, the two organisations hope to fortify and improve their relationship. This will enable them to provide institutional and technical support to their members, enabling them to contribute to the expansion and improvement of the regional professional football league.

Both organisations will exchange information on matters pertaining to the professionalisation of football with the help of this contract, including but not limited to the commercialization of broadcast rights, financial fair play, technology and innovation, security and integrity, and other subjects.

To promote collaboration and information sharing to ensure the project’s growth and advancement, LUFPRO and LALIGA will host follow-up meetings.

Javier Tebas, President, LALIGA, said, “LALIGA will champion the creation of the Uruguayan Professional Football League so that it can exercise self-management powers, allowing the clubs to decide how to organise themselves, how to sell their commercial rights, and determine the nature of their relationship with the football association. This collaboration agreement will allow us to advise and assist with the professionalisation of football in Uruguay”.

Fernando Marasco, President, LUFPRO, commented, “For LUFPRO to have the help, guidance and support of a world leader such as LALIGA, represents an extremely important milestone in this process of transition towards the effective organisation of our professional championships. This decision reinforces the direction we have chosen and is a tool for change, development and promotion of our professional football”.

Octavi Anoro, LALIGA’s International Development Director, stated, “By signing this agreement, LALIGA reaffirms its commitment to promoting the development of regional football in each of the strategic countries where it operates. The agreement joins a list of more than 25 partnerships already in place between LALIGA and other leagues, federations and local clubs around the world. This global expansion demonstrates our strong commitment to sharing knowledge, resources and experience to raise the standard of football everywhere”. 

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