La Liga signs tech deal with LG Electronics

La Liga has signed a deal with LG to become the technology partner of the top division in Spain. This deal is likely to focus on enhancing the experience of fans through technological innovations.

LG is likely to get much better exposure to the global audience through this deal. La Liga is probably the second-best league in Europe behind the Premier League.

Barcelona and Real Madrid- the two biggest and richest clubs in the world are playing in Spain, so signing a deal with La Liga becomes an appealing proposition for LG. The South Korean Electronics firm is likely to get more exposure in stadiums during games every weekend after signing this deal.

Considering there is talk about the second wave of coronavirus in Europe, fans are unlikely to return to stadiums anytime soon. Bringing in a leading technology firm will help La Liga to improve the matchday experience for fans watching games from home.

LG has been working with Valencia Football Club after becoming the club’s technology partner in 2019. The Spanish club has been one of the historic clubs in Europe. After Valencia, signing a deal with La Liga is a step in the right direction for LG to reach out to a global audience through football.

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