LA Clippers sign million dollar arena sponsorship deal with Aspiration

LA Clippers secure a $300 million sponsorship deal for their new Intuit Dome.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) team, Los Angeles Clippers have signed a new deal with the eco-friendly bank Aspiration. 

As part of this new deal, Aspiration will be sponsoring about $300 million, which will be used for the new Inglewood Arena currently under construction. The estimated cost of the new arena is said to be $1.2 billion, it’s set to open in 2024.

Aspiration is a California based green services bank that aims towards increasing awareness amongst people about environment-friendly techniques. They also try to minimise the carbon footprints of fans. They are fighting towards reducing climate change. 

Additionally, they have become quite popular now with famous celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Philadelphia 76ers coach (and former Clippers coach) Doc Rivers supporting them.

As part of the deal, Aspiration advertisements will be flashing all over the arena. There will be dedicated signs which will be used to educate the fans about climate change. Moreover, other forms of marketing will also be used. As said in the announcement, the two parties are getting together with a common aim. They will “provide fans with the opportunity to offset their own carbon impact whenever they purchase a ticket”

With this partnership, Aspiration is providing the Clippers with instant access to a range of tools to make the Intuit Dome a first-of-its-kind climate-positive arena,” said Aspiration CEO Andrei Cheenu. “We hope the Clippers’ commitment to sustainability will become the new standard in professional sports.”

There is a responsibility associated with building the best arena in the world,” Ballmer said in a statement. “Aspiration becoming our first founding partner supports the stake we are planting in the ground to make Intuit Dome the most sustainable arena in the world.”

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