Kosmos teams up with Ibai Llanos to purchase Astralis Superliga spot

Astralis Stormbringers’ LVP Superliga spot has been reportedly purchased for €300,000.

Kosmos has announced the acquirement of Astralis’ Spanish academy team Astralis Stormbringers in partnership with Twitch streamer Ibai Llanos. 

As part of the deal, Ibai Llanos will be the co-owner of the esports team along with Kosmos’ owner and Spanish footballer Gerard Pique. 

It has been reported that Astralis Stormbringers’ LVP Superliga spot has been purchased for €300,000 which also includes the associated league rights. 

Jordi Soler, CEO of LVP said, “The arrival of Ibai and Piqué to the Superliga is an important step for the growth of this sector. At LVP, we are convinced that they will contribute all their knowledge and passion to make an even bigger Super League and to consolidate the league as an indisputable benchmark at a European level.” 

The team that Ibai and Pique have bought together will be competing in the league starting from the 2022 season. 

Ahead of the deal, an Astralis spokesperson said, “We thank everybody at Astralis Stormbringers for their efforts and hard work to secure the spot in the Superliga and we welcome Kosmos to the amazing world of esports.” 

Pique teaming up with Ibai Llanos will be beneficial for the Spanish League of Legends contingent and will help them reach a better global outreach as Pique is one of the biggest players in the world with a huge fanbase. 

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