Kolkata Thunderbolts join forces with Basicx Sport

Basicx Sport has become the official analytics partner of Kolkata Thunderbolts.

The defending champions of the Prime Volleyball League (PVL), Kolkata Thunderbolts have signed a collaboration with a sports event management app, Basicx Sport.

In this development, Basicx Sport has been named the official analytics partner by the team for the upcoming edition of the competition.

Kolkata Thunderbolts made the collaboration public through their social media handles with the caption, “Kolkata Thunderbolts is proud to welcome @basicxsport as our Official Analytics Partner.”

Basicx Sport, a subsidiary of StartWith Basicx Pvt Ltd, is a SaaS (software as a service)-based software firm. Basicx Sport aims to help sports entities and team up with sports management bodies to digitize the growth of several different sports alongside benefitting the sector and its professionals.

Kolkata Thunderbolts are winners of the first-ever season of the PVL and are owned by Kolkata Sports Ventures. The team was founded in 2021 and is captained by Ashwal Rai. RuPay PVL will kick-start on February 4, 2023, and will look forward to retaining the title.

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