KL Rahul joins the BEARDO family

Indian cricketer and Kings XI Punjab skipper, KL Rahul is the latest addition to the Beardo family. Beardo is paying homage to Mooch (moustache) with a new video featuring celebrities such as KL Rahul, Hrithik Roshan, Nick (BeyouNick), Kunal Kapoor, Binny in their latest campaign.

In the videos, all ambassadors of Beardo come together and start swaying, flicking, and twirling their moustache while they groove to Beardo’s upbeat mooch anthem. The commercial film exactly resonates with the brand ethos, depicts the class, the charisma of gentleman with the essence of it. Beardo has always celebrated men’s attractiveness through their beards and different styles.

Beardo has also released a new Mooch Mug, a mug that will keep the froth away from the stache. The new product marks the beginning of the brand venturing into a new segment, the men’s lifestyle category. 

Being category leaders in the men’s grooming and styling segment, Beardo has transformed into a game-changer with their new offerings. It has always focused on men’s grooming, personality and has aimed at bringing that charismatic, attractive and classy style and appeal through all of their product offerings.

Sujot Malhotra, Chief Executive Officer, Beardo said “We at BEARDO have always been about celebrating men’s attractiveness and style through their beards and why should we leave the stache behind? Since this was Mooch Month we decided to curate fun activities & fun products to celebrate the awesome feeling of manhood. As a brand, we will continue to deliver cutting-edge innovation to deliver delight in celebrating the sexiness of our bearded bros.”

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