Kl Rahul features in the new XYXX campaign ‘PLAYING IT HIS WAY’

The commercial depicts KL Rahul in contemplation during a crucial point of a match.

The men’s innerwear and loungewear brand, XYXX has unveiled a new campaign ‘Play Your Way’, which features the Indian cricketer and the brand ambassador, KL Rahul.

The Womb created the ad, which portrays Rahul in a series of films urging viewers to cut through the noise, cut through the nay-sayers and trust their instincts. The campaign’s first film is now available on digital, social, and traditional media platforms.

The commercial depicts the Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) skipper in contemplation during a crucial point of a match when he is presented with a number of options, each with a different conclusion, and he chooses to ignore the noise and follow his own path. The voiceovers in the background suggested KL to even leave it for tomorrow but as a sportsman doing the right thing is always important, as it requires the strongest will to do so. The film also aims to demonstrate that when presented with a crucial situation on the field, one should not succumb to the buzz that surrounds them and instead choose to do things their own way.

Navin Talreja, the Founder of The Womb, stated. “That is exactly what we have tried to showcase in our communication. To add to this it was a conscious call to showcase KL Rahul wearing just an underwear when the whole category is actually shying away from this and discouraging it. In our mind this is actually what the brand stands for: Playing your way.”

Yogesh Kabra, the Founder of XYXX, gave his insights by stating “With the campaign, our aim is to encourage and applaud authenticity, people who chart their own path, steer clear of the naysayers and trust their instinct through all of life’s choices. With the campaign we hope to drive culture in new, provocative ways that hopefully encourages people to always follow their instinct and be true to their most authentic selves,”

On the field, the 29-year old’s LSG will take on Mumbai Indians (MI) on Saturday, April 16. 

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