KFC India lands a deal with IDCA

The deal will start this year and will see KFC become the ‘principal sponsor’ of IDCA.

The fast-food restaurant chain, KFC has signed a contract with the Indian Deaf Cricket Association (IDCA) to grow visibility and to develop progress of deaf cricket in the country.

The deal will start this year and will see KFC become the ‘principal sponsor’ of IDCA until the ICC Cricket World Cup for the deaf in 2023.

The contract was signed in the presence of Mr Sumit Jain, President of the Indian Deaf Cricket Association, Mr Moksh Chopra, Chief Marketing Officer of KFC India and the women’s national cricket team captain, Mithali Raj.

Talking about the association, Khel Ratna awardee Mithali Raj, said, “I have always admired the sheer talent, drive and endurance displayed at sports by differently-abled persons, including deaf cricket. Players must receive the right training and support, that helps them break the biases of disability.

“The coming together of KFC India and the Indian Deaf Cricket Association in partnership is remarkable in stirring the conversation in this direction and I am extremely happy to be a part of this.”

The fast-food brand along with the Indian Deaf Cricket Association will also conduct tournaments, build visibility and promote growth chances for speech & hearing-impaired cricketers.

President of the IDCA, Sumit Jain, said, “We are really excited to partner with KFC India and would like to thank them for supporting a sport which needs stronger recognition not just in India but worldwide. As an affiliate to the Deaf International Cricket Council, we look forward to the Deaf World Cup with the best players to represent India on an international stage.”

Moksh Chopra, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC India, said, “As principal sponsors, we will focus on driving visibility, skill development and extending growth opportunities for hearing impaired cricketers. Together with the IDCA, we will support the growth of the sport of deaf cricket, at both national and international levels, including supporting the Indian cricket team at the Deaf Cricket World Cup.”

IDCA will have an exciting year ahead with the starting of domestic tournaments with the inclusion of Virender Singh (Himachal Pradesh), Rohit Saini, (Delhi), Yashwanth Naidu(Andhra Pradesh), Manjeet Kumar (Delhi), Akansha Tiwari (Delhi), Sanjeela Bansal (Delhi) and Kajal Dhawan (Delhi).

At the occasion, Moksh, Sumit and Mithali together also launched an exciting KFC + IDCA jersey for the country’s deaf cricket team, which represents the dynamic partnership.

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