Kerala Blasters launches ‘KBFC Young Ambassador’ Program

Indian Super League giants, Kerala Blasters FC has launched ‘KBFC Young Ambassador’ program with an objective to use sport as a tool to transform the young diplomats of KBFC into future leaders. The objective is to unite and build stronger communities through the love for the sport and the passion towards the club.

The club’s new initiative aims to bring about a change in the society by not just celebrating the sport, but also actively participating in other initiatives supported by the club for a better cause. As a part of the initiative, young ambassadors from the club’s academy will be selected, trained and equipped with adequate skills to be the face and voice of the club.

The first 4 Young Ambassadors of the club are Athul P. Binu, Francio Joseph, Jovial P. Jose and Siddharth C Basu who were trained online by the club. These Young ambassadors will also get an opportunity to work closely and learn from the senior ambassadors of the club.

They will also be equipped with several life learning skills through various sessions organized by the club. This is one of the best initiatives taken by the club and can be a game changer in a social way. Sports is the best teacher because the lessons it teaches on-field are not inscribed in any textbook or manual.

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