Kerala Blasters FC signs sponsorship deal with Bodyfirst

Family Wellness & Sports Nutrition company Bodyfirst has signed a sponsorship deal with Kerala Blasters (KBFC) to becoming the Official Nutrition Partner of the club for the upcoming ISL season.

As part of this deal, KBFC players will get access to essential products manufactured by Bodyfirst to manage the workload during a grueling ISL season.

Bodyfirst is a sports nutrition company based in Mumbai. It focuses on making products that could meet the nutritional demands of sports enthusiasts, fitness enthusiasts, and gym trainers. They focus on producing clean products that are also significantly backed by scientific claims.

Suresh Deora, Director of BodyFirst, said, “Being a part of the wellness journey of young athletes, especially that of Kerala Blasters, is truly an honor. They have been making the country proud and BodyFirst is proud to be their Official Nutrition partner. We look forward to an excellent performance from the team this season, making every goal more incredible, every game greater and every fan prouder. Because we’re made for more.”

Sandeep Gupta, Chief Mentor and Strategic Director at BodyFirst, said, “Leading life with purpose and passion to be the best is what motivates us and keeps us going. We intend to bring good health to the country with the finest, clean, safe & qualified wellness essentials and now BodyFirst is all set to embark its journey with the aspirational athletes, the team that strives hard in every game.”

Nikhil Bhardwaj, Owner of Kerala Blasters FC, said, “Well balanced diet and nutrition are essential to support consistent and intensive training while limiting the risks of illness and injury. For the upcoming season, we are happy to associate with BodyFirst, a brand that recognizes the importance of the right bridge between diet and workouts, as our Official Nutrition Partner. With their wide range of science-based products, made with the finest ingredients, we hope to provide our players with the right supplements, customized for each one of them, while we compete for top levels. We hope this association sees a positive impact on all our players during the season.”

Earlier in September, KBFC renewed a sponsorship deal with Skyfoam mattresses. Recently the team has also partnered with STATSports to become the performance partner. In addition, KBFC has also partnered with Haeal to become the hygiene partner of the club. In the time of the pandemic, when most of the franchises are finding it difficult to attract sponsors, Kerala Blasters have been able to sign many lucrative deals.

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