IPL 2024 records solid ad growth on television: TAM Sports

For the first IPL 17 55 matches, indexed ad volumes per channel registered a 16% increase compared to IPL 16, according to TAM Sports.

The 17th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) has witnessed a significant surge in television advertising, according to data from TAM Sports, a leading media research agency.

For the first 55 matches, indexed ad volumes per channel registered a 16% increase compared to IPL 16.

Top Advertiser Categories:

This growth is accompanied by a diversification in advertiser participation. The number of advertiser categories participating in IPL 2024 jumped by 45% compared to the previous season. Similarly, individual advertiser numbers rose by 29%.

The report highlights a shift in advertising trends for IPL 17. While Ecom-Gaming remains a dominant category, the Food and Beverage (F&B) sector has gained significant ground, with two of the top five advertised categories belonging to F&B. Interestingly, Pan Masala remains the only other common category between IPL 17 and IPL 16.

Advertiser Concentration:

While the number of advertisers increased, the top five captured a substantial portion (45%) of ad volume, suggesting some concentration. Parle Food Products emerged as the leader among these top advertisers.

Parle Products emerged as a major player, leading advertiser for 38 matches and featuring among the top five advertisers. They claimed the top spot on the list of new brands for IPL 2024.

New Categories and Brands:

Notably, 34 new categories and 107 new brands entered the IPL advertising space compared to IPL 16. The top five new categories displayed a trend towards diversification, with two each coming from the F&B and Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sectors. Parle Food Products dominated the list of top five new brands, followed by Fogg.

Brand Performance Across Channels:

The data also reveals a difference in brand preferences between national and regional channels. While Dabur Real Range dominated Hindi and English language channels, Mobil Super/Mobil Super Moto emerged as the top advertiser on regional language channels. 

Interestingly, 100 brands advertised on both national and regional channels throughout the 55 matches, with Parle Products once again leading the pack.

These figures suggest a strong year for IPL viewership and advertiser interest. As the season progresses, further data analysis may reveal additional insights into audience engagement and brand strategies.

Additionally, the rise of F&B and the continued dominance of Parle Products across various categories highlight specific consumer trends within the IPL viewership.

TAM Sports is a division of TAM Media Research, a leading agency in India focusing on television viewership data. TAM Sports specifically analyses advertising trends and viewer behaviour in the realm of sports broadcasting.

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