IPL 2021 saw 19% growth in celebrity ads

Celebrity-endorsed ads resulted in 57% of total ad volumes in IPL 14.

Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the biggest and greatest T20 leagues in the world. The marquee Indian T20 league is followed by big business opportunities. Keeping the business prospect in mind, companies want to advertise their product and services more and more when the audiences are glued to their television sets for IPL. TAM Sports, a division of TAM Media Research has published a report pointing out how the celebrity ad endorsement has significantly gone up this year during IPL 2021.

The 60 matches that were played this season in IPL 2021, saw a 19% growth in celebrity ads, compared to the last season. On the other side, non-celebrity advertisements went 17% lesser as compared to the last season. Adding to that celebrity-endorsed ads resulted in 57% of total ad volumes in IPL 14.

Film actors were involved in 47% of the share ad volumes, while the sports personalities held 39% of the share ad volumes. As per the report published by TAM Sports, the overall number of sports celebrities increased by 38% during 60 matches of IPL 14 compared to IPL 13, and the number of brands increased by 21% and advertisers increased by 29% during IPL 14.

According to the report, Ranveer Singh has topped the celebrity chart, endorsing nine advertisements during IPL 14 matches, taking his share of ad volumes to 11%. The film star was followed by a cricket star, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who also endorsed nine advertisements. At the third spot is Shahrukh Khan, who had endorsed five advertisements during IPL 14.

The report further added that four out of the top five overall celebrities were common in 60 matches of both IPL 13 and IPL 14. The new one to enter that list is the Olympic gold medallist Neeraj Chopra. Lastly, the report revealed that Pan Masala emerged as the top category in celebrity-endorsed ads followed by E-com-gaming, E-com-wallets, E-com education, corporate-financial institute.

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