IPL 2021: Sanju Samson completely ready for the captainship role

Sanju Samson has been one of the best performers for Rajasthan Royals over the years. Even after being the best performer for Rajasthan, Samson has failed to deliver consistently. His ability to play big innings has been doubted at both IPL and international levels.

One of the most handsome stroke players in the league often fails to convert the thirties into 50s and 70s, which massively hinders Rajasthan Royals. This year Sanju Samson is not only the main batsman of the team, but he is also the captain of the team. Rajasthan royals announced this news after the departure of their previous captain Steve smith. Samson had previously insisted that he is relishing this opportunity.

Recently in an interview with ESPNcricinfo when Sanju Samson was questioned about his leadership strength, he said “I like to carry everyone with me. I am not the kind of leader who will stand up tall and say that this is what needs we need to do, or this is what I want everyone to do. I am very much flexible in understanding people. I understand that people are different, and they have their different mindsets and characters, but at the same time, I need everyone with me. So it’s all about understanding where they are coming from and putting a hand around them and saying, “I’m with you” and giving them the confidence which they need. If you have made it to the IPL team, you don’t need to prove anything else. So it’s all about giving them that confidence, that trust, and just giving them their space to express themselves – as simple as that.”

Rajasthan Royals are known for their team spirit. Under the guidance of Kumar Sangakkara, Sanju Samson has no reason to be under pressure because of the dual role he will have to perform this season. When asked about the impact of emotions on decision-making, Samson said that he is yet to master the idea of making the right decision by taking emotions out of the picture. The 26-year-old is confident that he will continue to improve with his decision-making this season.

Samson also mentioned that in this format of the game he is totally a bowler’s captain. Sanju Samson has been a part of the Royals since he was 18. He has worked under great leaders like Rahul Dravid, Shane Warne, and Ajinkya Rahane, so it won’t really be a surprise if Rajasthan makes it into the playoffs under his captaincy.

Rajasthan Royals still awaiting news on the fitness of Archer

Rajasthan Royals is yet to give any update on the availability of Archer for the second half of the season. The prolific fast bowler will be completing the recovery process of a hand injury by the end of next week. England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) is probably awaiting results to give final confirmation on whether Archer will play few IPL games.

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