IPL 2021: HANSA Research launches IPLomania

Marketing and Advertising form the core of any organisations branding strategy.

Cricket is the most loved game in India.

IPL? The most Commerical Tournament.

Put the above-mentioned concoction together and one would discover that with the digital media space taking over all industries, the Branding game has changed completely. Now with the start of IPL 2021, most brands are looking and grasping opportunities to market themselves during the tournament.

Keeping this in mind Hansa Research the largest Indian consumer insights company has launched IPLomania, a syndicated study to track brand performance during IPL. The syndicated study delves into how these brands can exploit the opportunity in a relatively new version of the IPL.

IPLomania, with its consistent tracking of brands over the years, is uniquely composed in a way that measures the returns on the advertising investments in terms of the recall of brands or advertisements. Since the research methodology has been unchanged over the years, it is the only source of comparative analysis for brands.

According to the study, a pre and post-module will be used to analyse the impact of the information areas captured during the IPL 2021. It also suggests that the impact on brand measures wouldn’t fluctuate every day, and hence need not be tracked every day. The aims to help the brands by assessing trends in viewing patterns throughout the tournament and comparing them with the previous year’s patterns. Both the modules will be conducted in the same market.

From the marketing perspective, the revenue model will most certainly change through which brands can learn by recapturing their branding and advertising developments from the last season of the IPL.

Talking about the project V Sudarshan, Sr Vice President, Hansa Research said, “Last season saw a plethora of startups filling in for the usual IPL advertisers.  This season too we have some of them continuing.  The uplift that IPL gives to a brand is unparalleled and that is the main reason for this big pull. When contacted potential viewers of IPL last week, we noted that viewers are thrilled that the IPL is back in such a short period and are waiting for the season to begin.  The fact that the viewers cannot participate on the ground was not a deterrent for them nor was the fact that their favorite team will not be playing on their home ground.”

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