IPL 17 sees explosion in ad spending and brand participation

The data from TAM Sports reveals an impressive 18% increase in ad volume per channel after 64 matches.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) continues to be a juggernaut for advertisers, with the 17th edition witnessing a significant surge in television advertising compared to the previous season.

The data from TAM Sports, a leading viewership measurement company, reveals an impressive 18% increase in ad volume per channel after 64 matches.

Beyond Volume: A More Diverse Playing Field

This growth wasn’t just about quantity. IPL 17 saw a remarkable 45% jump in the number of advertiser categories participating compared to IPL 16. The number of individual advertisers also grew by a substantial 33%.

E-commerce Gaming emerged as the frontrunner in terms of ad volume share, while the Food and Beverage (F&B) sector displayed a strong presence with two categories making it to the top five. Notably, Pan Masala remained the only other category to carry over from the previous season.

Parle Products Leads the Charge

Parle Products emerged as the top advertiser, grabbing an impressive 11% share of ad volume during IPL 17. They also held the title for the most advertised brand, appearing in a whopping 55 matches. While new entrants flooded the scene, established names like Dream11 (Sporta Technologies) and KP Pan Foods maintained their presence. Collectively, the top five advertisers accounted for 35% of the total ad volume.

New Entrants Find a Launchpad

IPL 17 proved to be a launchpad for new brands and categories. A staggering 112 new brands and 34 new categories entered the IPL advertising arena compared to the previous edition. The F&B sector continued its strong showing with two new categories joining the fray. Additionally, the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector saw a rise in its presence with two new category entrants.

Parle Products continued its dominance by securing the top spot among new brands, with Fogg closely following behind.

Language Matters: Tailoring the Message

The choice of brands varied depending on the channel’s language. Dabur Real Range emerged as the leading brand on Hindi and English language channels, while Mobil Super/Mobil Super Moto dominated regional language channels. Interestingly, Parle Products achieved a unique feat by becoming the overall leader across both Hindi+English and regional language channels for brands that advertised during all 64 matches.

This data underscores the immense potential of the IPL as an advertising platform. The vast viewership and diverse audience continue to attract a wider range of categories and brands, making IPL a lucrative avenue for businesses seeking to expand their reach.

TAM Sports, a division of TAM Media Research, is a leading agency in India focusing on television viewership data. TAM Sports specifically analyses advertising trends and viewer behaviour in the realm of sports broadcasting.

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