International Esports Federation joins forces with FitGMR

FitGMR will organise daily workouts to assist the sportsmen with power, perseverance, and mobility.

The International Esports Federation (IESF) has inked a new agreement with a gaming performance company, FitGMR.

In this deal, FitGMR will implement programs and workshops centred on athlete health and well-being beginning with the upcoming 2022 World Esports Championships Finals in Bali, Indonesia.

FitGMR will organise daily workouts to assist the sportsmen with power, perseverance, and mobility to ensure their brains and body work together. FitGMR will also organise nutrition and mental conditioning workshops, as well as yoga classes and beach workouts.

At the closing ceremony, the gaming performance company will also accommodate an all-in-one workshop to show esports athletes how to “FitGMR at home.”

Vlad Marinescu, President, IESF, said, “IESF is delighted to be working with FitGMR to make this the most successful and engaging World Esports Championships Finals yet. The well-being of athletes is a top priority for IESF, and we always strive to give esports athletes the ultimate environment to perform at their best. We look forward to collaborating on many more impactful activities with FitGMR, and we can’t wait to kick off this partnership in Bali!“

Krsitin Anderson, CEO, FitGMR, commented, “This is an incredible way to end 2022. Our research and work with professional esports organisations over the last few years are the foundation of the FitGMR app that we released at the beginning of the year. Since then, we’ve introduced the concept of what it means to be a fit gamer to colleges and K-12 programs around the country.

To be a part of esports athletes’ well-being, and sharing the connection between mental and physical health on the world’s global esports stage is so exciting and rewarding. We’re grateful to the IESF for their commitment to the wellbeing of players around the world.“

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