Infinity Learn appoints Rohit Sharma as brand ambassador

Rohit Sharma has been impressed by the vision of Infinity Learn.

Rohit Sharma has been roped in as the brand ambassador of Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya. The Indian cricket team’s vice-captain will be the face of Infinity Learn’s brand activities and multi-channel marketing campaign. 

The company has revealed that it aims to further strengthen its brand identity as the most aspiring Edtech brand in India through its association with Rohit Sharma. The Mumbai Indians skipper’s association with the company will ensure they have a popular face that represents the brand ideas and vision.

“Infinity Learn is poised to become one of the top Ed Tech brands in India. Rohit Sharma’s personal brand resonates well with Infinity Learn’s brand value of trust and delivering success. Apart from being an inspiration for the next generation cricketers, Rohit is also an ideal role model, and above all, a mentor who guides his team to success and is an expert at what he does. We are looking forward to building a strong brand by associating with Rohit,” said Ujjwal Singh, Chief Executive Officer of Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya.

Rohit Sharma in acknowledgement of this agreement stated, “I’m glad to be associated with reputed education institution such as Sri Chaitanya with their digital learning venture Infinity Learn. Sri Chaitanya carries a rich legacy of three-plus decades of shaping future of young India. I am impressed by the vision and the compelling story of commitment shown by Infinity Learn who is known to identify and nurture young talent by imbibing discipline and hard work.”

The partnership has merged at the right time when Infinity Learn is at the brink of its growth in the market share as an Ed Tech brand. Rohit will be leading from the front and represent the brand in shaping the multi-channel marketing campaigns and will also engage in activities for the company.

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