IndianOil signs Sunil Gavaskar to promote ‘Chhotu’ LPG refill

Chhotu has developed into one of the most widespread LPG brands in the nation.

The integrated oil company, IndianOil has joined hands with the former Indian batsman, the ‘little master’ Sunil Gavaskar. The deal includes the legend to promote ‘Chhotu (little one)’ which is the company’s five-Kg LPG refills. The company aims this product at the poor households and floating population – from migrant labourers, students to young professionals.

Gavaskar was the star attraction at the function which was organised by IndianOil to celebrate one year of the refill’s rechristening by the company Chairman Shrikant Madhav Vaidya in December 2020.

Chhotu has developed into one of the most widespread LPG brands in the nation and the growth has been increased by 58% since its rechristening. IndianOil sells nearly two lakh free-sale Chhotu refills every month throughout the country.

In the function, Gavaskar stated that in the coming years, Chhotu will grow into becoming a valuable addition to every household.

The IndianOil Chairman, Shrikant Madhav Vaidya, said, “Chhotu stands tall as a symbol of convenience, safety, and reliability in the Indian kitchen just like he (Gavaskar) was a reliable and trusted member of the Indian cricket team, IndianOil’s Chhotu will play a similar role in our kitchens.”

At more than 20,000 touchpoints across the country, Chhotu Indane LPG is easily available for people. Those who wish to get their hands on the product can get the LPG cylinder from points of sales such as kirana stores, supermarkets and IndianOil retail outlets. People can only get it after submitting proof of identity.

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