ICC collaborates with FanCraze to launch Crictos

The six tiers offered are Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Platinum, and Genesis.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) and FanCraze, the subsidiary firm of Faze Technologies, have revealed the official launch of their first digital collectibles series ‘Crictos’. The first pack of the series will be accessible to the fans in mid-January and would contain the official collectibles showcasing sensational cricketing moments from different ICC events.

The initial release of Crictos will be done in a closed beta launch with only a few fans allowed. A single pack would include these digital tokens of varied tiers of certain probabilities in a random distribution. The six tiers offered are Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Platinum, and Genesis with Common being the most produced and least rare and Genesis possessing the highest rarity. A user will have to set up an account to purchase the pack and would get the opportunity to share and trade these digital items via the peer-to-peer platform of FanCraze. This first-ever historical range of the ICC’s digital collectable program would contain the clips of some of the greatest memorabilia from the ICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cups of 2015 and 2019.

Finn Bradshaw, the ICC Head of Digital announced the details of this launch and said, “We are delighted to unveil Crictos today and are excited for our first pack drop later this month. Just as physical memorabilia has been a centerpiece of fandom for decades, we hope Crictos will become a digital record of fans’ love of the game. There is something for every fan with a range of rarities of Crictos with an entry pack costing $9.  Our first Crictos pack drop will be available later this month for pre-registered fans before a full launch later this year. It’s a unique opportunity to own and be part of historic moments in cricket and Crictos is the only way to collect match-defining plays from the ICC events archive.” 

Anshum Bhambri, the founder and chief executive of FanCraze also gave his insights on this huge launch and said, “Crictos builds off the key features of physical trading cards by adding digital elements like video highlights, 3D animations, a wider array of player statistics, and meta-data that make the Crictos usable across a wide array of applications. Cricket fans today are digitally native and building new fan engagement and social experiences is what excites us at FanCraze.”

This move is the fruit of a three-year deal between FanCraze and ICC. In this association, the sports-tech platform acquired the rights to ICC’s catalogues of video and audio clips dating back to 1975 to create NFTs and globalize the sport.

FanCraze has recently made strong efforts to etch its brand name in the industry. This launch will garner evident recognition, the brand had also signed some legendary cricketers under its belt who would share their NFTs through FanCraze. The list involves notable cricketers like Rohit Sharma, Yuzvendra Chahal, Andre Russell, Muthiah Murlidaran, Ravichandran Ashwin and Jasprit Bumrah.

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