Hyundai Canada signs up with NHL for upcoming season

This partnership also includes Genesis becoming the NHL and NHLPA's official luxury automobile partner in Canada.

Hyundai Canada and National Hockey League (NHL) came together for a multi-year partnership, the former has been appointed as the official automotive partner of the latter in Canada. In addition, Hyundai Canada has also been named as the NHLPA‘s official automotive partner, starting from the 2022-2023 season.

This partnership also includes Genesis, a premium brand of Hyundai, which will become the NHL and NHLPA’s official luxury automobile partner in Canada.

Hyundai has a been constant supporter of the hockey community in Canada and wants to add more contributions to the community and the league through this partnership.

Don Romano, President and CEO of Hyundai Canada said, “Hyundai has long been champion of Canada’s hockey community at the grassroots level. On behalf of Hyundai Auto Canada and our 252 dealers across the country, we are incredibly excited to expand on that, and at the highest level, as the NHL and NHLPA’s official automotive partner starting next season in Canada.

At Hyundai, we’re always aiming to connect with our customers in meaningful ways, and this partnership with Canada’s premiere sports league provides us with an exceptional opportunity to engage with not only our customer base, but Canadians from coast-to-coast who share Hyundai’s love for hockey.

“Hyundai and Genesis will be visible at special NHL events such as the Heritage Classic games and the Stanley Cup Playoffs.”

Hyundai and Genesis will replace Honda in the NHL for the whole North American market through the end of the season. Honda will be the official NHL partner in America next season, but Hyundai and Genesis will take over on the Canadian side.

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