Horizm initiates AI-powered Marketplace for sports sponsorship

The $1 billion marketplace enables athletes to find new revenue streams.

Digital assets organisation Horizm has launched a digital Marketplace for brands to find potential sponsors and candidates for partnership. The new AI-POWERED Marketplace is a $1 billion platform that will ease the journey of brands to find potential partnerships.

Brands will be able to filter their search based on the target audience, location, type of industry and budget. This eases their efforts and also makes the process smoother. This will significantly cut down the time required in finalising a deal and brands will be able to filter their choices using the next Gen technology.

When we created this company, our vision was to help the sports and entertainment industries bridge the gap between what is possible on digital and what is currently being achieved”, said Pedro Mestriner, chief executive of Horizm.

We firmly believe that Marketplace is that bridge and represents the future of digital asset management in sports; it will empower brands to make better, more targeted investments that will deliver a greater ROI while also delivering new revenues for the many rights holders involved.

To launch Marketplace with over US$1 billion in retained inventory, just two years into the company’s existence, is an achievement we are immensely proud of, but this is only the beginning.”

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