Gulf Oil launches a new campaign featuring MS Dhoni

Gulf Oil's collaboration with CSK is the longest-running sponsorship deal in IPL history.

For this year’s cricket season, Gulf Oil Lubricants has created a digital-first campaign featuring the spokesmodel, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. The ad campaign has Dhoni delivering dialogues in Tamil and Telugu, with the objective of generating a strong consumer and company relationship. The ad campaign can be seen in TV commercials, digital ads and many other platforms to maximise the reach of the campaign. The campaign is targeted for the audience in South but because of MS Dhoni’s punchlines and comedic timing, the campaign will find its way to all other parts of the country as well.

“We wanted our campaign to reflect this hero status both for Dhoni as well as the product. Which is why, we had punch dialogues and dramatic entry shots woven into every script. Watching him delivering dialogues in Tamil and Telugu was delightful and we hope that the local connect for the brand grows even stronger,” said Chockalingam S, Creative Director, OPN Advertising, who partnered with DDB Mudra for this campaign.

“With these campaign films, the brand hopes to strengthen the consumer connect further and enhance distribution in this part of the country. Our 11 years’ association with Chennai Super Kings and MS Dhoni has given us exponential growth and this was the best time to celebrate the longest association,” said, Ravi Chawla, MD and CEO, Gulf Oil Lubricants, about the campaign as well as the partnership with Chennai Super Kings (CSK).

Gulf Oil’s collaboration with CSK is the longest-running sponsorship deal in the history of the Indian cash-rich T20 league and this is what Anurag Tandon, Managing Partner, DDB Mudra Group, had to say about it “Gulf Oil has, over the years, enjoyed a strong presence in the south market, all thanks to years of the MS Dhoni and Chennai Super Kings association. With these highly engaging, ‘uniquely south’ films, we saw an opportunity to strengthen the brand’s business reach and boost confidence, not just among our customers but also our retailers and distributors.”  

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