GNC collaborates with Pawan Sehrawat to transform nutritional regimes of underrated talented athletes

Through this pact, GNC will be aiding the athletes by high-octane nutritional supplements and wellness resources.

The multinational health and wellness brand, GNC has signed a collaboration with the Indian kabaddi player, Pawan Sehrawat.

Through this deal, the company will be looking forward to transforming the nutritional regime of all the underrated athletes, by aiding them with high-quality supplements and wellness resources. This will help them to sharpen their game and athletic agility on the track.

Through the alignment of Pawan’s passion and intensity with GNC’s ideals, the company hopes to highlight the unique sport of kabaddi and commemorate it alongside the Indian kabaddi skipper.

Speaking on the collaboration, GNC Spokesperson, said, “GNC is pleased to work with Pawan, a stellar kabaddi player, whose journey and unwavering determination align perfectly with GNC’s mission to support athletes and sports that often go unhighlighted. We chose Pawan as our collaborative partner because his commitment to personal growth, combined with our expertise in nutrition and wellness, forms a synergy that will not only elevate Pawan’s performance but also inspire countless others in the sports community.”

Pawan Sehrawat said, “As an athlete in an ever-evolving sport, nutrition is a crucial aspect of my progress. Having a globally renowned brand like GNC as my nutrition partner is something I am pleased about. A new season of the Pro Kabaddi League is around the corner, and I am going to need the best in all aspects for a successful season with my team.” 

GNC Holdings is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based retailer that was established in 1935. The products linked to health and nutrition, such as vitamins, minerals, supplements, herbs, sports nutrition, diet, and energy goods, are its area of expertise. 

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