Gaurav Kapur teams up with Flatheads as investor and brand ambassador

Kapur will be seen in multiple digital campaigns this year.

Gaurav Kapur, the Indian Actor and cricket presenter has been appointed as a brand ambassador and investor for Flatheads. The company is a Direct to Consumer (D2C) based business which creates bamboo-based sneakers. Flatheads aim to directly compete with the sneaker giants such as Converse, Vans, Nike, Adidas and many more. Flatheads also seek to boost its digital presence and spread the brand message of maintaining a healthy balance in life by blending in and standing out at the same time.

Kapur will be seen in multiple digital campaigns this year and might be donning the new banana kicks, linen sneakers, kooltex trainers, and softknit loafers the company has launched.

Utkarsh Biradar, CEO and Co-Founder, Flatheads, mentions Gaurav Kapur is a highly eccentric personality and adds more by saying, “This aura that he carries strikes the right chord with our target audiences. The way he embodies both style and substance in his persona resonates well with our brand. He also believes in the brand’s vision which is an authentic connection between a brand and its ambassador. Therefore, we believe that he is most suited to convey our message to the customers,” 

Biradar and Ganesh Balakrishnan founded the company in November 2019 to deliver quality sneakers to the consumers, here’s what Kapur has to say about the Flatheads, “When I wore Flatheads, I was surprised with the comfort and class that it boasts of. I am looking forward to being associated with a brand like Flatheads that has re-engineered footwear keeping in mind the philosophies of minimalism, innovation, simplicity and thoughtfulness,”

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