Gatorade concludes collaboration with NHL

Gatorade will aim to continue investing in 'young and diverse athlete communities'.

Gatorade recently announced that it won’t be renewing its partnership with the National Hockey League (NHL). This decision was taken by keeping the shift in the marketing strategy of the company, thus ending the 17-year long collaboration.

Since 2006, PepsiCo, Gatorade’s parent corporation, was a partner in the North American ice hockey competition, and the partnership was last renewed in 2018.

Gatorade’s global head of sports marketing, Jeff Kearney, told the boardroom that the two parties “weren’t aligned on the financial commitment to renew,” but that the brand would remain strong in ice hockey. He further added by saying, “We’ve had to be very thoughtful in where our resources, both people and funds, are going.

“So for us, we didn’t want to over-commit in one space, instead focusing on reaching as many athletes as we can.”

Gatorade aims to continue investing in ‘young and diverse athlete communities,’ according to Kearney. Gatorade’s marketing and advertising focus will change in the future, according to Kearney, involving intercollegiate athletic partnerships, investments in women athletes and events, and the metaverse.

Gatorade also joined the Overtime Elite developmental basketball competition and the Angel City women’s football squad as inception partners.

Kearney concluded by saying, “We’re just trying to move sports and our partnerships forward in that fashion, taking a different lens on all the relationships that we currently have and that we’re building in the future.”

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