Formula 1 prolongs its association with Automobilist

Following the extension, Automobilist will continue to make and provide the fans with the finest prints and posters available of F1's finest moments, cars and personalities.

The premier car racing event, Formula 1 has extended its partnership with the automobile designer entity, Automobilist.

Following the extension, the brand will continue to make and provide fans with the finest prints and posters that grab the sport’s most catchy and iconic moments, also including locations, cars, and personalities.

The fine-art maker group has also released commemorative artwork that will honour key milestones in the history of F1 such as the 1000th Grand Prix and the 70th anniversary of this premier motorsport event. The firm will produce all these masterworks with the help of its cutting-edge technology and finest techniques and materials. 

The fans can also buy a wide range of posters and fine art prints from Automobilist from the F1 Print Store online as well as in person at the pop-up stores at a number of Grand Prix throughout the year.

Automobilist is a premium automobile design studio that synchronises the element of art and technology with the arena of the automobile by producing fine-art works, posters, and artefacts made and done by a team of artists, creative thinkers, solution finders, and automotive and motorsport lovers. 

Oli Boden, Head of Licensing and Gaming at Formula 1, said, “Since 2019, Formula 1 has combined its passion for racing with Automobilist’s innovative and creative designs to offer fans the highest standard of limited editions prints and posters. This new deal will continue to capture the sport’s iconic moments, circuits, drivers and races in a unique and artistic manner and give fans a bespoke piece of F1 history that they can enjoy from the comfort of their homes”.

Pavel Turek, Co-Founder of Automobilist, said, “The cornerstone of our successful partnership with Formula 1® is the ability to craft iconic moments from F1 history and make them accessible to fans and followers of the sport, sometimes within just minutes of record-breaking achievements or titles captured. We’ve been an official F1 partner since 2019, and are proud to officially extend this valued relationship and broaden the scope of our activities. Going into the 2023 season, the F1 Print Store will now include F1 teams from the first Grand Prix to date, delivering to fans in 75 countries, with artwork available for purchase both trackside and online”.

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