Formula 1 pens down an alliance with TuneIn

Following the affiliation, TuneIn has been named the official audio broadcaster of Formula 1.

The premier motorcar racing event, Formula 1 has announced a partnership with the online audio streaming platform, TuneIn.

Following the affiliation, TuneIn has been named the official audio broadcaster of F1.

The collaboration will enable the listeners of the US and Canada region to get the overall audio coverage of all the action of the racing events during the 2023 season, which includes all the practice sessions, qualifying sessions, and races. 

 Kevin Straley, Chief Content Officer of TuneIn, said, “Formula 1 is the most prestigious racing competition in the world. This partnership drives home the fact that TuneIn is devoted to giving our loyal listeners and generations of diehard sports fans access to not only Premium sports content in general but Premium motorsports audio coverage with the addition of F1 alongside NASCAR and IndyCar”.

Ian Holmes, Director of Media Rights and Content Creation at Formula One, commented, “As Formula 1 has expanded its footprint in North America over the last five years, we have seen the development of a passionate fan base, especially in Canada and the US, who want to follow F1 wherever they are. This partnership with TuneIn, along with other audio arrangements we have in the territory, highlights our commitment to utilising different platforms and media to broadcast F1 to as broad and diverse an audience as possible”.

TuneIn is a global audio streaming service with over 75 million monthly active users that offers news, radio, sports, music, and podcasts. The entity is run by TuneIn Inc., which is situated in San Francisco, California. Bill Moore launched the company as RadioTime in Dallas, Texas in 2002.

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