FC Schalke 04 name HRS as new training kit partner

For the next three years, HRS would appear on Schalke's warm-up but also training jerseys.

FC Schalke 04, a Bundesliga team, have signed a long term agreement with HRS, an online reservation startup, that will assist Schalke supporters in a variety of ways.

For the next three years, the Cologne-based multinational business empire would appear on Schalke’s warm-up but also training jerseys. HRS would be on the practice equipment for the beginning of pre-season on June 22, and also the performance assessments that will take place shortly beforehand.

Dr. Bernd Schröder, CEO of Schalke, spoke about the new alliance, “We’re pleased to be able to welcome HRS as a new partner for Schalke 04. The well-known hotel booking site will not only be on our training and warm-up kits as a sponsor, but will also offer our fans some real benefits. Our supporters can book overnight stays quickly and more easily in the cities where we are playing thanks to HRS now.

“The decision to have a different sponsor on our training kit and on the front of our shirts has seen us take a new, precedent-setting step in German football. HRS will not only be prominently displayed during every training session, but also during our warm-up on every matchday. Together, we will be able to generate an enormous reach and be able to shape the future. I’m looking forward to a successful partnership.”

HRS CEO, Tobias Ragge, said, “As a little boy I went to the stadium with my father.

“When I think of Schalke 04, I think of words like family, home, and sporting success, as one of the biggest clubs in Germany. I also think Schalke represents several business attributes such as a passion for work, authenticity and providing excellent service to a broad community. This partnership is something special to me.”

Ragge is aiming ahead to this shared goal as well. His father, HRS pioneer Robert Ragge, was raised in Gelsenkirchen. As a result, Tobias is a long-time Schalke supporter with a strong sentimental affinity to the club.

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