FC Inter Milan announces partnership with Panasonic

Panasonic provided Inter with more than 200 portable nanoe X generators.

The Serie A club, FC Inter Milan have announced a partnership agreement with the famous Japanese electronic brand, Panasonic. In the new deal, Panasonic will serve as the reigning Italian champions’ official air quality partner this season.

The agreement calls for a variety of marketing and communications activities, including product placement in various club locations, social branded content, and pitchside brand visibility during Serie A and Coppa Italia matches at the Stadio San Siro.

Alessandro Antonello, FC Internazionale Milano CEO Corporate, Luca Danovaro, FC Internazionale Milano Chief Revenue Officer, Andrea Cetrone, Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions Italy Country Manager, and Stefania Bracco, Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions Italy Marketing Manager, were present at the virtual press conference.

Alessandro Antonello, the Corporate CEO of FC Inter Milan, said, “We are delighted to announce that Panasonic has joined the Nerazzurri family as Air Quality Partner. Technology and innovation are crucial in the development of our Club and this new partnership represents a further step in the path of innovation that Inter has undertaken in recent years. In Panasonic, we have found many of the values that characterize our club: not only the innovative impulse but also the attention to the welfare of individuals.”

Luca Danovaro, Chief Revenue Officer of FC Inter Milan, added, “We are proud that a brand like Panasonic has chosen Inter to become part of the world of football in Italy. This new agreement brings together two global companies, symbols of excellence in their respective fields, and represents further evidence of the evolution of our brand and its attractiveness at international level and not only in the world of football.”

Andrea Cetrone, Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions Italy Country Manager, said, “Well-being and sustainability are the roots of Panasonic’s mission from its foundation until today. Through our partnership with Inter, we want the value of our technology, which is present in our residential and commercial air conditioning solutions for small and large environments, to be shared with all sports fans and beyond.”

Stefania Bracco, Marketing manager of Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions Italy, commented, “Panasonic began researching solutions for indoor air quality in 1997. Over the years, studies have been conducted that led to the birth of nanoe™ X technology, based on hydroxyl radicals contained in air humidity. The continuous commitment to improving air quality has led to continuous tests to verify the inhibition effects of this technology on pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, moulds and viruses) and allergens and the breakdown of PM 2.5 particles, leading to many different certifications tested by 3rd party laboratories available in our website.”

Panasonic provided Inter with more than 200 portable nanoe X generators. These generators were provided exclusively to the club and are not yet available for sale in the European market, but they are expected to be sold in the future as a result of this agreement. Meanwhile, this technology will follow the team around the Suning Training Centre, the Inter Headquarters, the San Siro stadium, and the Suning Youth Development Centre.

The humidity already present in the air is the vehicle through which the nanoe X technology distributes the nanoparticles within the environment, bringing two important benefits: it extends the lifespan of OH hydroxyl radicals and uniformly covers the volume of the environment within which the nanoe X technology is acting.

The technology’s efficacy is demonstrated not only against pollutants in the air but also, due to its nanometric dimensions, those nested between fabrics and on difficult-to-clean surfaces (e.g. walls). This solution is also effective in large spaces because the nanoparticles produced by this technology spread throughout the volume for both small domestic and large commercial environments.

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