FC Barcelona team up with Heura Foods to endorse innovation in nutrition

Heura Foods is now the official plant-based protein partner of BIHUB.

FC Barcelona‘s sports research and knowledge division, Barca Innovation Hub has inked a sponsorship agreement with Heura Foods, in which the two companies will strive to encourage innovation in nutrition in order to make a beneficial impact on society.

The accord also calls for the Barcelona-based plant-based food manufacturer to be the major partner of the Sports Tomorrow Congress, a sports innovation congress arranged by the Barça Innovation Hub whose next edition will be part of the Mobile World Congress in 2023.

Heura Foods and FC Barcelona are strengthening their association with this agreement, which follows the announcement made last August that the food manufacturer would become a global partner of the women’s football team. Heura Foods is also now the official plant-based protein partner of BIHUB, and both groups will collaborate to produce additional value in the field of sports functioning and leadership through nutrition.

The service also includes numerous collaborative projects with Heura Foods on the occasion of the Sports Tomorrow Congress, for which the plant-based food company has been designated as the primary partner. During the congress, it will present its products based on sustainable and healthy criteria to the Sports Tomorrow audience, which is made up of entrepreneurs, innovators, and professionals from various fields of science looking for new, imaginative ideas and solutions, such as those provided by Heura Foods to the food industry. Apart from its products, Heura Foods will share its expertise with the professionals who will be attending the congress to discuss various sports and food-related topics.

The partnership between FC Barcelona and Heura Foods is the result of a set of shared goals and values, which will be discussed at the Sports Tomorrow Congress. Heura Foods, Europe’s fastest-growing vegetable meat company, was founded in 2017 by activists Marc Coloma and Bernat Aaos with the goal of developing solutions that will lead to a food system in which animals are removed from the protein production equation and promote more sustainable, nutritious, and healthy alternatives.

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