Fanatics land a new deal with Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys is the most valued NFL team with US$6.9 billion.

The US-sports merchandising brand Fanatics has been on a roll this year and have also secured a deal with the NFL top-flight Dallas Cowboys.

A new digital store has been launched by Fanatics for their partners as part of the agreement and the store reportedly went live on 17th September.

The responsibility of offering numerous Cowboys team gear and merchandise, including all jersey categories, women’s apparel, and lifestyle products has been taken up by Fanatics. The company will also develop the latest fan items on request in reply to moments during the NFL season, which would include new and trending players.

Fanatics’ cloud commerce platform has supported the development of the new e-commerce platform for Cowboys. It will look forward to generating a tailored experience for its users based on their favourites, as well as helping out with real-time push notifications to alert fans to new products additions.

The agreement will try to develop co-branded Cowboys Shop marketing and publicizing opportunities across the team’s broadcast and digital platforms, as well as at the team’s worldwide headquarters, at The Star practice facility, and inside AT&T Stadium on gamedays.

Cowboys used to operate on their e-commerce platform but things will change after the contract.

Jack Boyle, Fanatics’ global president of direct to consumer, said: “The Cowboys have long operated their own e-commerce business as part of their overall distribution of merchandise, and we look forward to providing an incredible real-time fan gear assortment that can be easily accessed by Cowboys faithful across this new tech-fueled e-commerce platform.”

It has been reported that in the present year, the team’s merchandise has already been bought in over 120 different countries via Fanatics’ network of websites.

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