FA commence its recruitment drive for Head of Commercial Partnerships

Kiddle enjoyed a successful seven-year tenure with FA.

The governing body of association football in England also known as the FA has begun its search for a new sponsorship lead as Dan Kiddle, who was the Head of Commercial Partnerships decided to step down from the role. 

Before joining the FA, Kiddle served as the Head of Promoting and Partnerships at Premiership Rugby and had conjointly worked as the Head of support at Barclays Bank – the current title sponsor of the Premier League. 

Before stepping down, Kiddle described his tenure as “a great opportunity to lead a fantastic team who are passionate, dedicated and have been like a family over the last seven and a half years.” 

Kiddle enjoyed a successful seven-year tenure with FA, during the period the FA enjoyed a lot of sponsorship opportunities with BT Sport, Nike, and many more. 

With Kiddle stepping down, the FA will be looking to speed up its recruitment drive to hire a new Head of Commercial Partnerships who will lead in the aspects of revenue, sponsorship, licensing, and much more. 

FA has also been enjoying a lot of revenue as the 2021/22 season of the Premier League kicked off from 14th August. 

They have also been active in the business side of things as they recently signed a deal with Dettol and a three-year partnership with the Nationwide Building Society. 

Kiddle will be moving on to leading sports marketing agency Pitch International. 

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