Exclusive: We are focused on providing the best sporting gear with innovative technology – Vikkram Jangid, Managing Director, Throttle Sportz World

Mr Vikkram Jangid spoke about Throttle Sportz World's esteemed partnership with Dubai Capitals.

Throttle Sportz World, the India-based sports club, partnered with the DP World ILT20 team, Dubai Capitals. In this development, Throttle Sportz World was named the official associate partner of the team.

Throttle Sportz World is a sports facility that is headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and specializes in martial arts and fitness training apart from cricket. Three weeks ago, Throttle Sportz World inaugurated a cricket-based studio named “Throttle Studio for Cricket”.

SportsMint Media reached out to the Managing Director of Throttle Sportz World, Mr Vikkram Jangid, who spoke about the entity’s esteemed partnership with Dubai Capitals. Mr Vikkram also touched upon various intriguing topics like the popularity of T20 cricket, providing the best sporting gear and associating with an Indian Premier League (IPL) team soon.

1. What was the reason behind a Chennai-based sports club partnering with a Dubai-based cricket franchise competing in a new tournament?

Firstly, we are connected by cricket. Throttle is not just a Chennai-based sports club, I have played cricket in the USA, the Middle East and all over India as well. Dubai Capitals is a Delhi-based company owned by GMR Sports. Knowing a few management staff we requested an opportunity to present our samples to them. On approval, we went ahead with the partnership.

2. What are Throttle Sportz World’s expectations from this partnership?

We are focused on providing the best sporting gear with innovative technology at the best prices. So to start with we wanted to provide the elite players with our goods which we have tried and tested for the past year and a half.

3. What challenges did Throttle Sportz World face while securing this association with Dubai Capitals?

To be honest, they have been very professional upfront and so have we. So the only challenge that we feel we had to face was standing upto the expectation as international players are associated with this team and we need to provide them with the best of goods.

4. What is the difference between associating with a team from Indian and foreign domestic competition?

Well, to be honest, we are yet to face that because Dubai Capitals is a pretty much Indian franchise owning a team in DP World ILT20.

5. Does Throttle Sportz World plan to partner up with CSK, SRH or RCB soon?

Throttle Sportz World will definitely partner with an IPL team very soon. If not this year, definitely next year because we have confidence in our products.

6. You’re B.Tech by profession, what motivated you to start a sports club?

Before graduating B. Tech., I was an Under-14 cricketer. So my passion for cricket has been since my childhood. After graduating from University, I played league cricket in TNCA for a few years before I could take this step. The journey for sure has not been an easy one. But as the saying goes, “The show must go on” we have overcome lots of setbacks from people, situations (COVID) and many other factors.

7. Getting featured on the team jersey or being the kit sponsor, which category of association is more effective?

First of all, being associated with any team itself is very effective, team jerseys or kit sponsors both are effective in their respective ways, and any team giving an opportunity is what we work for.

8. As a cricket professional, could you please share your opinion on the rise of T20 competitions and the booming sports marketing industry? 

Being a cricket professional, rise of T20 has been witnessed since its inception in 2003-04. It has come a long way, crowd presence has been felt more in the shorter version of the game as life outside the field has become very competitive and fast so finding more than 4-5 hours a day to watch a match there has been a concern. The T20 format has positive as well as negative factors. We are unable to witness those close Test matches like before, classic batsmen have been very limited, and it’s all about who can clear the ropes with ease. A boom in the sports marketing industry has definitely been felt among the youths who aim to venture into the industry.

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